NL Kids is the children's ministry of New Life Church with a goal of engaging kids and empowering families. NL Kids is offered for children 6 weeks to 5th grade, providing age-appropriate worship, Bible stories, and activities during our weekend worship services. We divide NL Kids into 5 separate environments so that we can engage your child at their level: Aquarium (6 weeks - 1 year) General Store (1-2 years) and Barbershop (2-3 years) Bakeshop (4 - 5 years), and NL Kids Downtown (1st - 5th grade).

NL Kids is available during any worship service, allowing parents to enjoy a distraction-free worship experience.

Make sure to turn on your blinkers when you pull into the parking lot. You will be directed to our VIP parking. A volunteer from our VIP team will greet you and your family. They will also help answer any questions you have.

Upon check-in both you and your child will receive an ID badge with room information and who is authorized to pick up. Please remember to bring your badge back upon pick up for a speedy checkout.

While you are in the main worship service, your child will be participating in a worship experience especially designed just for them!

For more info contact our church offices at or (770)345-2660.




If you are (or have) students that are in the 6th - 12th grades, then NL Students is for you! Our meetings have balanced attendance across those age/grade groups, so connecting with other peers is easy!


NL Students is the student ministry at New Life Church. Students who call New Life Church home are asked to get involved in everything we do. They’re plugged into NL Groups. They volunteer. They give their resources and are passionately inviting their friends and family to our weekend/midweek worship services. They’re not waiting to make an impact. Students are making an invisible God visible, right now.


Our weekly gatherings are Wednesday nights at 7:00p. Students can connect and grow with peers as they walk through life with Jesus. All students are also invited to participate in our Sunday worship services as well.


In main auditorium (where Sunday worship services are held).

Email for more information or visit our INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK to stay up to date on current events for NL Students.


LEAD is a leadership program designed to develop 8th grade – 12th grade students into who God created them to be. Our goal in LEAD is to encourage your student to connect with God in a deeper way, provide an opportunity for them to flourish in their gifts, build community with one another, be developed as leaders, and cultivate their personal walk with Jesus. In the process, they get to be a catalyst for change and spiritual impact in their own student ministry and in this generation. “We get to LEAD because we choose to serve,” and students have the opportunity to learn how to live by a code - making decisions out of integrity and honor. Our heart behind LEAD is to equip your student to walk boldly in the purposes God has for them, knowing him deeper than they ever have before! Fall 2018 semester signups open soon. For questions about Fall 2018 feel free to email 


Group Launch is your "on-ramp" to joining a small group. This event provides the opportunity to meet all of the small group leaders and choose the group that's right for you. We know joining a group can seem intimidating at first, but this event makes joining a group easy and exciting. Group Launch takes place right after second service (12:45pm - 2:00pm).                          

*Lunch and Childcare are provided.*

Our next Group Launch Event will be in January of 2019.


NL Groups have one simple vision in mind: bringing people together. We know that being in community is a vital component to growing as a Christ follower. The example of a Christian church in Acts stresses the importance of ministry "house to house," which is why our small groups meet in homes all over the North GA area weekly. Jesus Himself walked through life surrounded by 12 disciples and through that they were encouraged and empowered to do His work. We know that God created us to live in relationship with others -relationships meant to fill you, sharpen you, and help carry your burdens. Joining a small group provides an opportunity for accountability, spiritual growth, and fellowship. That's why small groups exist at New Life - to make these meaningful relationships accessible to you.


We know life can be hectic and schedules can be full, so committing long-term to a small group isn't the easiest decision for your calendar. At New Life, we offer two "semesters" for small groups a year - Fall & Winter/Spring. Before each semester, you'll have the opportunity to register for and attend "Group Launch" to choose the group that best suits you. When you commit to a small group, you commit for only one semester at a time, which is typically 10-12 weeks. 


Upcoming Semesters:

Winter/Spring Semester 2019: January 27th - May 5th. 

// FAQS //


·         What happens during a small group meeting?

A small group meeting is simply people joining together in a home, enjoying food and fellowship, and discussing topics in the curriculum. Small groups are not meant to be a classroom setting with pressure or homework, but a group of people enjoying life with each other and growing in their faith. 


·         How often does a small group meet?

Small groups meet once a week for about 2 hours. In the semester system, there are typically 12 weeks offered and your group is encouraged to have at least 8 meetings in that time period. We know with school vacation schedules like Spring Break, Winter Break, etc... - some weeks will need to be skipped. Your group and group leader will establish which of those weeks to meet during your first small group meeting.


·         How long does a typical small group stay together?

Groups will stay together for the entire group "semester." This way, new people can join groups easily and regularly. After every semester, we want to give you the opportunity to meet new people, join a new group, or even step up to lead a group for the next launch!


·         Is there childcare available?

- Childcare varies from group to group, but the groups that offer childcare will be labeled clearly at the Group Launch Event. There are plenty of groups that will provide childcare, although some families choose to hire a personal sitter.

·         Are there certain groups for married and single people?  

- In our upcoming semester (Winter/Spring 2019), there are two marriage groups and one women's group offered. These are for people who choose to be in these specific groups, as there is no obligation or limitation for a married couple to be in the marriage group (or women in a women only group). All other small groups are interest based or general faith studies - meaning anyone, from any stage of life is able to join those groups, including singles and married.


·        Do I have to attend Group Launch to be in a small group?

No, but it's important to note that Group Launch attendees have the first priority in choosing their group. Our goal is for everyone to be involved in a small group, specifically the group that best suits their location and stage of life, which is why choosing your group at the launch is encouraged. If you're unable to attend Group Launch - but still want to be in a small group - you can register online  - and choose the "Unable to Attend" option at the bottom. After the Launch, you'll be placed in a group based on availability, and the information you provide on your registration form.


·         Can I bring neighbors and friends to my group?

We want as many people to be involved in small groups as possible, however, if someone wants to join a group - we request that they attend the initial Group Launch Event with you. Group members do not have to be members of New Life Church but should start and end the semester with the same group. Small groups are meant to be a safe place to open up and share, so adding new members in the middle of the semester could make the growth of your group more difficult. Any friends or family interested in joining a group can register online for the Group Launch Event.


·         What if I don't like the small group I join?

- The best part about joining a small group is that God already knows and orchestrates exactly who will be in that group. Some groups are meant to fill you while others might be meant to stretch you. We encourage you to commit to the 8 meetings with your group and allow those relationships to grow. Attending Group Launch is very helpful, in actually meeting and interacting with other members and leaders, to find the group that best suits you. The simple strategy to finding success in small groups is to not give up! We believe there is a group that's right for everyone - including you! 


·         How can I become a small group leader?

Leading a small group isn't about being perfect or having a theology degree; it's about serving others by giving them a place to connect. We strive to equip all small group leaders with the tools to make their group successful, by providing leadership training and relevant curriculum. Every small group leader is required to go through Discovery Classes and attend the Small Group Leadership Training. If you're interested in leading a small group, please contact Codi Henson at




For additional questions, please contact Pastor Codi Henson at:
- 770-345-2660 ext. 4



LACE is the name of New Life Church’s ladies ministries department - Ladies After Christ's Example. Our goal is to unite the ladies of New Life Church, to minister to women and girls and offer opportunities for spiritual growth through Wednesday evening Bible Study classes, small groups, and special events scheduled throughout the year.

Visit our EVENTS page and connect with us on FACEBOOK to stay up to date on current events for LACE Ladies Ministry.

The mission of the Young at Heart is to engage adults (55+) at New Life Church and the community to live out the Gospel through preaching, worship, teaching, witnessing and fellowship.

Young at Heart is a life group that meets monthly for corporate worship services together. Other activities offered include small group bible studies, teaching seminars, travel, visitation opportunities for the needy and the sick, and participating together in local and other outreach efforts. 

For more information on how to get connected with Young at Heart, you can contact our church offices at or (770) 345-2660. Visit our EVENTS page and connect with us on social media to stay up to date on current events for Young at Heart.


At New Life volunteering isn’t what we want from you... it’s what we want for you. If you have a gift or interest, we want to provide you opportunities to use your abilities to serve God’s vision through the local church. The sections below describe our NL Teams. If you feel led to serve on an NL Team, contact us for more information!

If you would like to find out more information about any of the areas below or to get involved, please email 



If you like the thought of having hands-on responsibilities, Production is what you're looking for. The NL Production Team members help create smooth-running worship services. Production offers both technical and non-technical opportunities. No experience is necessary.

If you have a heart for people, Connect Team is the place your gifts can flourish. As a Connect Team member, you have the opportunity to make a first time guest feel welcome. Our greatest joy is to serve the people walking through the doors of our church. We are passionate about creating an environment that says "Welcome Home". Whether it's making the coffee, helping seat our guests, greeting in the parking lot, or holding open a door - every effort of Connect Team is aimed at spreading the joy of Jesus with a smile. If you are passionate about others, Connect Team is the right team for you!

If you are passionate about connecting children to the heart of God at a young age, then NL Kids is just the place for you! Roles range from behind-the-scenes opportunities to interacting directly with children and teaching them about Jesus.

If you love students, then NL Students is just the place for you! Roles range from set up and environment roles, to food and event preparation, small group leadership, greeting and connecting, and much more. If you have a heart for God and young people, this is just the spot for you!

If you enjoy behind-the-scenes roles and are gifted in administration abilities, this is the perfect fit for you. All administration opportunities are during the week at the church office, helping staff with administrative tasks and projects as they arise.


New Life does not have an outreach ministry... we are an outreach ministry. We work in partnership with non-profit organizations locally, nationally, and globally to make an invisible God visible to people, our city and our world. Together, our church serves with various outreach partners every year. Get involved by serving regularly at one of the many outreach opportunities year-round.

For more information email Also visit our EVENTS page and connect with us on social media to stay up to date on current outreach opportunities. 


All our NL Classes are designed to change your mindset and empower you to lead and impact in every sphere of life.

Wednesday Nights:

Men's Bible Study

7pm in the Connect Team Room

       Women's Bible Study        

6:45pm in the Community Room

  First Wednesday Worship  

7pm in the Community Room

(For more info on First Wednesday Worship visit the EVENTS page.)

Seasonal Classes: