Online registration for our Winter/Spring Semester of Groups IS OPEN NOW:

Registration will close at midnight on: January 27th.


How to manage the page: When you click the link above, it will take you to our small group database where you can scroll through and see all of the groups available! When you click on each group, it will open the window where you can get more information on where the group is located, if they offer childcare, who the leaders are, and the estimated cost of materials. If you have specific needs for your group, such as it meets a certain day of the week - you can filter the group choices at the top of the database page. You can select the day of week you are available and all of the groups that meet on that day will show up.

Once you’ve found a group: Okay, you’ve found a group you like. How do you join it? Once you click on the group you want, there’s a button on that group’s page that says “Join This Group.” When you click on that button it will ask you for your email address. You then must check your email to continue the registration process and secure your spot. We do ask that all couples register individually, so we can ensure the groups don’t become over crowded. We try to keep our small groups around 12 people total, and once a group reaches 12 people it will automatically close.

If you need assistance with registration or were unable to find a group please contact
Pastor Codi at:


NL Groups have one simple vision in mind: bringing people together. We know that being in community is a vital component to growing as a Christ follower. The example of a Christian church in Acts stresses the importance of ministry "house to house," which is why our small groups meet in homes all over the North GA area weekly. Jesus Himself walked through life surrounded by 12 disciples and through that they were encouraged and empowered to do His work. We know that God created us to live in relationship with others -relationships meant to fill you, sharpen you, and help carry your burdens. Joining a small group provides an opportunity for accountability, spiritual growth, and fellowship. That's why small groups exist at New Life - to make these meaningful relationships accessible to you.

- FAQS -


  • What is a semester?

We know life can be hectic and schedules can be full, so committing long-term to a small group isn't the easiest decision for your calendar. At New Life, we offer two "semesters" for small groups a year - Fall & Winter/Spring. When you commit to a small group, you commit for only one semester at a time, which is typically 10-12 weeks. 

 Upcoming Semesters:

Winter/Spring Semester 2019: February 3rd - May 5th

Fall Semester 2019: September 1st - November 3rd

  • How often does a small group meet?

Small groups meet once a week for about 2 hours. In the semester system, there are typically 12 weeks offered and your group is encouraged to meet at least every other week during that time. We know with school vacation schedules like Spring Break, Winter Break, etc... - some weeks will need to be skipped. Your group and group leader will establish your specific schedule at your first group meeting!

  •  What happens during a small group meeting?

A small group meeting is simply people joining together in a home, enjoying food and fellowship, and discussing topics in the curriculum. Small groups are not meant to be a classroom setting with pressure or homework, but a group of people enjoying life with each other and growing in their faith. 

  • How long does a typical small group stay together?

Groups will stay together for the entire group "semester." This way, new people can join groups easily and regularly. After every semester, we want to give you the opportunity to meet new people, join a new group, or even step up to lead a group for the next launch!


  • Is there childcare available?

- Childcare varies from group to group, but the groups that offer childcare will be labeled clearly at the Group Launch Event. There are plenty of groups that will provide childcare, although some families choose to hire a personal sitter.

  • Are there certain groups for married and single people?  

- Yes! Depending on what leaders step up to lead each semester, there is always a variety of groups offered. In the past, we’ve had leaders passionate to lead a marriage group, or a women’s group. However, most small groups are interest based or general faith studies - meaning anyone, from any stage of life is able to join those groups, including singles and married.


  • Can I invite my neighbors or friends to my small group?

Absolutely! Our goal is for everyone to be involved in a small group. However, we do ask that they register online during the registration period to best accommodate our leaders and the space available in their home. We believe that starting and completing a semester together allows for the greatest connection. Small groups are meant to be a safe place to open up and share, so adding new members in the middle of the semester could make the growth of your group more difficult. Any friends or family interested in joining a group can register online during the open registration period.

  • What if I don't like the small group I join?

- The best part about joining a small group is that God already knows and orchestrates exactly who will be in that group. Some groups are meant to fill you while others might be meant to stretch you. We encourage you to commit to the meetings with your group and allow those relationships to grow. The simple strategy to finding success in small groups is to not give up! We believe there is a group that's right for everyone - including you! 


  • How can I become a small group leader?

Leading a small group isn't about being perfect or having a theology degree; it's about serving others by giving them a place to connect. We strive to equip all small group leaders with the tools to make their group successful, by providing leadership training and relevant curriculum. Every small group leader is required to go through Discovery Classes and attend the Small Group Leadership Training. If you're interested in leading a small group, please contact Codi Henson at



For additional questions, please contact Pastor Codi Henson at:
- 770-345-2660 ext. 4